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Snack Food Packaging

As a snack food producer, you rely on premium packaging to sell your products. This packaging should keep products fresh and display them nicely in the store, all while meeting consumer expectations in their pantry.

At Bison Bag, we create custom flexible packaging tailored to your individual product lines.

With state-of-the-art printing and converting equipment, we produce packaging in small to large runs for all types of snacks including chips, crackers, popcorn, jerky, granola, candy, and more.

Custom Flexible Packaging for Any Product

At Bison Bag, our packaging experts work closely with you to create the best packaging experience for your snacks. We handle everything from initial concept designs to the finished packaging printing.

By customizing your packaging, you enhance the customer’s brand experience with important quality features such as:

  • Vibrant full-color printing that makes products stand out on store shelves.
  • Soft Touch Matte finish, spot gloss and other eye-catching finishes
  • Resealable zippers for maintaining freshness.
  • Convenient portability features like handles and holes.
  • Shelf-friendly formats that maximize important snack information.
  • Sustainable materials including recyclable and compostable films.

With Bison Bag as your packaging partner, you’ll experience the difference that our quality, capabilities, and service can make on your bottom line. Our ability to print with world-class inks and manufacturing equipment allows us to produce innovative packaging tailored directly to your brand. You’ll enjoy access to your own account manager for a small business feel and big business connections.

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Meet The Needs of Your Consumer On-the-Go

Today’s fast-paced consumers want snacks that are portable, easy to consume on-the-go, and portion controlled for healthy eating at a moment’s notice. Our packaging solutions directly meet this need for convenience and portability.

Features like portion packs,  resealable zippers, hang holes, and integrated handles allow busy on-the-go consumers to take your snacks anywhere and enjoy them whenever hunger strikes. Resealability keeps leftovers fresh for later, while portable features make it easy to throw it into their purse, backpack, gym bag, or lunch box.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Today, sustainability is a critical issue that starts – and ends – with manufacturing. Bison Bag offers a range of eco-friendly flexible packaging films to meet both producers’ and consumers’ needs.

Consumers appreciate brands who share their values. With our sustainable offerings, we help you demonstrate your commitment to reducing waste while still delivering outstanding packaging performance.

Options like, compostable structures, recyclable and increased recycled content allow consumers to feel good about enjoying your tasty snacks. Our team can also optimize your snack food packaging to use less material in the films and eliminate unnecessary layers. This reduces your costs while decreasing your environmental footprint.


Take the Hassle out of Packaging

Launching a new snack product can be complex, particularly when it comes to sourcing the correct packaging. Materials, shelf placement, consumer convenience – the list goes on.

At Bison Bag, we take the hassle out of packaging so you can focus on your core business producing tastier and healthier snacks for the community. With decades of expertise across hundreds of snack packaging projects, we can handle the snack food packaging production process from start to finish. We work directly with your team to determine the important elements and help you create a design that works best for your needs and desired experience, bringing your snacks to market faster.

What Makes Our Snack Packaging Different?

At Bison Bag, our promise is to help you create snack food packaging that embodies quality, innovation, and service in every project. From cutting-edge printing technology to world-class manufacturing expertise, we provide end-to-end production capabilities that are innovative within the packaging industry. We consistently deliver quality packaging that propels your brand forward.

Our dedicated project teams act as an extension of your own, collaborating closely to achieve your vision. We adapt to your needs, providing exceptional flexibility and customization for every product that we help you bring to life.

Bison Bag’s design team consistently goes above and beyond to deliver creative solutions that maximize brand experience for your consumers. Get a quote for your packaging today and see the difference Bison Bag makes on your bottom line.

Sustainable Stand Up Pouch

Features of a Great Snack Package

The best snack bags balance shelf appeal, convenience, and product protection all with unique brand experience. As part of our customization process, we can help you design great snack food packaging for your snacks.

Vibrant full-color printing makes your brand stand out to customers on shelves, while photograph-quality images showcase the products inside. Resealable zipper closures make it easy to maintain freshness and provide additional convenience.

Integrated handles provide grab-and-go portability, allowing consumers to grab your snacks on-the-go. Cleverly shaped handles reinforce brand identity, while strategically-placed hanging holes allow retailers display pouches on hooks, saving shelf space.

The ideal snack bag combines features that make your brand stand out while meeting your consumer’s needs for convenience and sustainability.

At Bison Bag, we leverage our expertise to create optimal snack food packaging that protects the product inside and propels your brand forward.

Let’s Talk Packaging

Flexible packaging is an ideal solution for the snack food industry as it offers various benefits in terms of functionality, portability, and sustainability. At Bison Bag, we offer custom packaging solutions that are tailored to meet the unique branding and functional requirements of your products.

Contact us today to learn more about our flexible packaging options for snack food.

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