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Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are an excellent choice for showcasing your branding and product information proudly on store shelves. Not only does it allow your brand to shine a little brighter on the shelf, but it also gives you more flexibility with packaging features and branding elements that catch the eye.

Once the consumer has the pouch in hand, they’ll find how convenient and easy it is to use the pouch. Flexible packaging can be much more economical with fewer frustrations than rigid packaging, allowing consumers the ability to store, reseal, or pour and  close the product right from the bag. That’s enough to keep them coming back.

Benefits of Stand-Up Pouches for Your Customers

There are a wide range of benefits to stand-up pouches, from the ease of use with everyday items or the ability to quickly open and access the product inside before resealing the pouch. No matter what your intended use is, Bison Bag can help you design a package that not only takes the spotlight in stores, but also leaves customers feeling good about how they use your product.

Flexible Packaging for the Food Industry

Ease of Use for Everyday Items

From pour spouts to resealable zippers, there are a wide range of features for the different ways you can design a package around your product, enabling quick access for products like spices and candies, or safety features like anti-choke caps for products such as baby food.

These different features add a marketable value to your brand, setting you apart from the competition even further beyond print design.

Quick Opening and Access

Quick-access solutions are easy to add onto any type of stand-up pouch. No matter how you want your customers to open and access the products, it’s important that opening and closures both go off without a hitch. By ensuring all seals and caps are intuitive, easy to use, and made with quality materials, you can improve the customer experience while also keeping your product fresh for as long as possible.

Eye-Catching Designs

One of the best features of stand-up pouches is the ability to print eye-catching designs with premium inks across all surfaces of the pouch. Not only does this give you more room for product labeling, but it can also set your brand apart with high-quality text and vibrant colors. With stand-up pouches, the possibilities are limitless.

Better Storage Functionality

Stand-up pouches begin showcasing their storage functionality from the moment they are filled, providing you with more product space in the warehouse, especially when compared to rigid packaging or bottles. This storage capacity goes to work on the shelf, presenting your product front-and-center, waiting for customers to pick it up. Once in the consumer’s home or business, these pouches still stand the test of time, as a convenient and space-saving option compared to other packaging types.

Increased Brand Awareness

With stand-up pouches, your brand is presented not just on the front, but also on the back and the bottom of the pouch. Leave little surprise messages at the bottom of the bag, or open a transparent window for them to see the product inside.

At Bison Bag, we have the ability to brand every part of the pouch, providing you with the latest technology in design and printing at your fingertips. Are you ready to harness that for your brand awareness?

Sustainability Matters

What your customers buy is just as important as what your customers put into the landfill. Packaging manufacturers must start looking at what they produce as a part of the cycle of finite resources. Where materials are sourced, how the customers feel about the packaging, and how to transition customers to renewable or post-consumer grade materials.

Bison Bag is already pushing the envelope on sustainable materials and flexible packaging that makes sense for sustainability-minded consumers. No matter what your brand’s sustainability goals are, we can help you discover a solution that fits your budget and your customers’ needs.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

When designing any kind of packaging, customer satisfaction is paramount. No matter how good the product is inside, the packaging needs to be convenient, keep the product protected, and provide frustration-free opening.

If it’s difficult to open the packaging, or if the packaging doesn’t keep the product fresh for its maximum shelf life, that affects customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

At Bison Bag, we understand the material science of product packaging as well as the brand appeal. We work directly with you to maximize your customer satisfaction with the packaging based on the product inside.

stand-up pouch design

Your Options for Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

At Bison Bag, we customize your stand-up pouch packaging to your product and brand specifications. The range of options that we can provide for stand-up pouch packaging are virtually limitless, whether you need an easy-pour handle, resealable caps, or zipper closures. We customize pouch packaging for a wide range of dry and liquid products from the food and confectionery industry to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Get in touch with us today and let us know what options you need in a flexible package. Let’s talk packaging today and see how we can make your brand shine.

Converting from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

Converting from rigid to flexible packaging is a big step for food manufacturers. Fortunately, flexible packaging is a convenient and cost-effective packaging method that can actually save money when branding and filling packaging. Economical to create, these savings can be passed on directly to the consumer or used to invest in further R&D within the company. Best of all, flexible packaging is easier to store, allowing you to ship and store more products while using less warehouse space.

Sustainable Stand Up Pouch

Stand-Up Pouches FAQ

Can you Supply Prototypes?

Yes, we can supply prototypes of materials and several packaging designs we’ve worked on in the past. Our stand-up pouches use only premium quality materials and the latest technology on the printing press, which is why we are proud to showcase them. For prototypes of your own product, we work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine what makes sense for your design. Get in touch today and see if we can supply a prototype for you.

Do You Stock Premade Pouches?

No, we don’t stock premade pouches. Our pouches are customized to your products’ needs and designed from laminated rollstock.

Your branding materials are printed directly onto the packaging with top-quality printers and ink to ensure your branding has a vibrant and bright appearance on the shelf.

What Is the Minimum Order Quantity?

We work with a wide range of companies, from small businesses to larger corporations. Because of this, we don’t have strict minimum order quantities. We prefer to work directly with you in the first call to determine what you’re looking for, and how we can help you succeed.

Whether you’re a small business founder working to keep your product off the ground, or a large brand with a procurement team, we have options for you. After all, we work with our customers on a partnership basis, paving the way for success once your products hit the shelves.

Do You Provide Filling of Premade Pouches?

At Bison Bag, we provide premium packaging any way you want it, and that’s what we do best. While we don’t co-pack or fill your products in the bagging, we do partner with several co-packers in the area, able to send your fully designed and branded packages straight to them so you can work with a co-packer local to you. We believe this maximizes the convenience of co-packing or filling packages, without losing any of the quality.

What Is a Gusset?

A gusset is a triangle or oblong piece of packaging at the bottom of the pouch, allowing the product to stand-up on the shelf. Not only does this present your product in a better position, but it allows it to sit at eye level for many customers, catching their attention in stores. In the home or business pantry, it makes it easier to store and find for later use. These gussets are the defining feature of stand-up pouches, providing ease of use and exceptional brand awareness.

Let’s Talk Packaging

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must find innovative ways to stand out in the marketplace while protecting their products. Stand-up Pouches made from flexible packaging materials offer an excellent solution that provides protection, convenience, customization, and sustainability.

Bison Bag offers a range of services that include high-quality printing, custom sizing and shapes, and innovative product material selection. We can find the ideal packaging solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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