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Frozen Food Packaging

In today’s competitive marketplace, the quality of your product’s packaging can be just as crucial as the product itself. This is particularly the case with frozen food packaging, where you need a strong partner to help you stand out on the shelf.

Bison Bag stands out as your premier partner for custom flexible packaging solutions tailored specifically for frozen foods. Our family-owned, locally operated business prides itself on offering bespoke packaging solutions that exceed your expectations.

We understand that your success is our success, which is why we approach every project with a partnership mindset, prioritizing your needs and demands to deliver packaging that enhances your product’s value and appeal. With Bison Bag, you gain access to an unparalleled level of flexibility, custom solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that is second to none. Located in upstate New York, our facility has continually grown with the help of our customers’ success. Since our founding in 1968, we stand by our innovative solutions to packaging and always put our customers’ needs first.

Quality Packaging for the Freshest Food

High quality packaging protects your food, providing a high barrier against oxygen and freezing temperatures. Over the long-term, good quality packaging will prevent damage to the product during shipping, and extend its shelf lifespan. Shelf life of frozen foods is particularly important, as a long shelf life prevents freezer burn and oxidation of the product inside, keeping it tasting and looking as fresh as the day it was packaged. With the right type of packaging, less product is wasted with fewer consumer frustrations along the way.

For advice on pouch design and specifications for frozen food packaging, reach out to Bison Bag today. We’re happy to talk to you about your packaging needs and provide a quote for your next product run.

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The Benefits of Polyethylene in Frozen Food Packaging

Polyethylene (PE) film is one of the most common materials to protect frozen food, making its way into freezers around the world. These packages offer high durability, preventing sharp edges from the food inside from puncturing the packaging and resulting in food loss. Likewise, this material helps extend the shelf life of these foods while remaining an economical option for larger production runs.

Even at temperatures as low as –40°C, PE films are resistant to punctures and tears from the handling and shipping to the store and to a consumer’s freezer. Single-layer films are often suitable for low-impact foods that don’t require a lot of protection, such as frozen bread products or small pre-prepared foods for heating.

Fortunately, Bison Bag can also offer multilayer PE films for producers that want to hide the ice crystals that tend to form on food, or to protect the product from UV lighting present in commercial freezers. These packages can accommodate even larger, more complex designs that can help elevate your brand and make it stand out in the freezer aisle.

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High-Impact Designs for Frozen Food Packaging

With the design services that Bison Bag provides, you can customize your packaging to showcase the products’ full potential right in the freezer aisle, before the consumer has ever taken the product home.  These high impact designs are often used in frozen food packaging with multiple layers of polymers so that it can accommodate the ink from printing while also protecting the food by adhering to strict FDA-compliant specifications.

These high-impact designs are important to keep your brand relevant and provide a unique customer experience. The design, however, isn’t where the customer experience stops. Your consumers will also be thinking about how easy it is to open the package, whether it can be – or needs to be – resealed, and whether they can fit it into their freezer.

Especially with today’s appliances, most consumers have limited freezer space for storing goods, which makes them selective in shopping. It’s important to consider this in your design, making it easy for consumers to find your product in the store and in their home freezer.

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Stand Out in the Freezer Aisle

No matter where you sell your products, there’s a competitor next to it in the freezer aisle. Frozen food packaging is particularly competitive as the designs have to look their best behind a row of closed doors and frosted labels.

Bison Bag is here to help you create packaging designs that are vibrant and stand out among the competition, speaking for itself as a leading product in the market. We work to continually elevate your brand, providing you with the packaging options you need to make the final sale at the supermarket.

With higher sales, supermarkets renew your product more often and in larger amounts. If there’s anything that sets a brand apart in the freezer aisle, it’s unique branding and thoughtful design. Don’t just rely on vibrancy; keep your customers’ needs in mind and design something convenient and memorable with our help.

Convenient and Space-Saving Freezer Bags

One of the best things about being able to design your product’s packaging is that you can eliminate all the frustrations that many customers feel about the limited space in their freezer. While you can’t expand the size of their freezer, you can provide a product that is packaged optimally for all kinds of freezer styles, providing a no-nonsense product that consumers feel good about using.

Whether your brand is focused more on convenience for the grab-and-go consumer, or space-saving designs for the small kitchen, conscientious packaging can save your customers from accidental rips and tears that cause product waste.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Frozen Food Packaging

Bison Bag is proud to offer eco-friendly and sustainable frozen food packaging options. Keep your brand one step ahead of the competition by opting for these sustainable options first. Whether you’re looking for specifically biodegradable materials, or materials that can be recycled, the Bison Bag team can help you determine which packaging materials are suitable for your products.


Frozen Food Packaging FAQ

What Are the Types of Frozen Food Packaging?

There are many types of frozen food packaging that are each designed to protect your product’s integrity, preserve its freshness, and extend its shelf life in a freezer environment. You’ll find that the most common types of frozen food packaging are polyethylene mono-layer and laminated rollstock or flexible bags. Both types of frozen food packaging are flexible enough to secure the food in place while protecting it from punctures and tears, but the particular materials used may need to be modified based on the type of food or design you desire to help your brand stand out.

At Bison Bag, we specialize in a wide array of packaging types, including stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, and rollstock packaging. These options are engineered to withstand the rigors of freezing, handling, and distribution, ensuring that your product comes out of the consumer’s freezer in pristine condition, ready for heating or thawing. Microwavable, steamable and vented packaging is available for better end user options for heating.

Need help figuring out which materials are right for your frozen food packaging? No problem. At Bison Bag, our design team is here to help you. With a dedicated staff, we are happy to guide you in selecting the ideal packaging type for your product, whether it’s vegetables, meats, or ready-to-eat meals.

What Films Can Be Used for Frozen Food?

The choice of film is an important decision in designing your frozen food packaging, as it must offer excellent barrier properties, durability, and resistance to low temperatures.

Bison Bag offers a variety of films suitable for frozen food applications, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. Each of these materials are selected for its specific qualities, such as moisture barrier, puncture resistance, and clarity. Most commonly, Polyethylene (PE) can supply bags and pouches with a variety of materials that all withstand freezing temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate film material for your product, considering factors such as the product’s nature, the required shelf life, and the packaging’s visual appeal.

Can You Put a Window on Frozen Food Packages?

Yes, you can put a clear window on frozen food packages, depending on the product, barrier needs and shelf-life expectations.

Let’s Talk Packaging

Flexible packaging is an ideal solution for the frozen food industry as it offers various benefits in terms of functionality, portability, and sustainability. At Bison Bag, we offer custom packaging solutions that are tailored to meet the unique branding and functional requirements of your products.

Contact us today to learn more about our flexible packaging options for frozen food.

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