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Flexible Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery packaging is an important part of any baker or sweets manufacturer’s product line. There’s no one standard type of confectionery packaging. This is a type of packaging that is tailored to the product’s material, size, and shape. The goal of this type of packaging is to protect against environmental degradation – such as oxygen, moisture, odors or UV rays – while preserving the food’s taste, texture  and shelf-life.

Typically, hard confectionery products will be packaged with lightweight packaging to preserve the shape and texture of the sweet while allowing easy unwrapping. Softer confectionery products, however, like jellies and gummies, may require harder packaging to prevent damage during transportation.

Manufacturers may also choose packaging that helps represent their brand and allows their product to stand out better, such as stand-up pouches or specific packaging shapes to enhance the shape and desirability of their product.

Custom Flexible Confectionery Packaging 

As a highly flexible manufacturer for all types of food packaging, Bison Bag is your partner for anything packaged. We take a partnership-based mindset to every new product we design, helping create a unique and brand-centric product design that suits your needs and food safety requirements.

We’ve created strategic partnerships with   our vendors that allow us to provide better service while preserving our small-business charm. With access to a wide variety of packaging materials , inks, and some of the best printing presses in the world, we can meet your demand, no matter how big or small.

Whether you’re looking for flexible confectionery packaging or rigid containers, it’s never too late to consider a new packaging style with a company who can help you in selecting the right material, size, and style for your new product.

Your Partner in Food Product Packaging 

As your partner in food product packaging, our team of designers will help you create a confectionery package that helps your product stand out among the competition. Our facility and team are food safety certified, allowing us to provide sound advice with a finger on the pulse of the food industry.

We understand that packaging must meet certain criteria to be considered food safe, and this is especially true with confectionery products. Don’t let your products get left behind with poor packaging design or rejected packaging requirements. Get it right the first time around with an experienced consultant and packaging manufacturer with Bison Bag today.

Sustainable Stand Up Pouch

Enjoy Access to State-of-the-Art Confectionery Packaging

With high quality standards and access to state of the art confectionery packaging, Bison Bag is the top choice for many confectionery product manufacturers on the market today. We believe that your success is our success, and when it comes to packaging, the proof is in increased sales and top customer satisfaction.

To keep up and push the envelope with new packaging trends we work with new packaging materials,  lamination adhesives,  and Digital and Flexographic printing technology to ensure you get everything you need designed with  competitive costs. We are constantly expanding our reach to ensure you have access to the latest and best technology.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work directly with our team to develop a package that suits your product’s specifications today. We’re happy to help you build your packaging design step-by-step, creating new and innovative options for your company’s success.

Sustainable Packaging for Your Products

As a food manufacturer, you understand what your target customers value in good food. Better quality ingredients lead to fresher taste and higher sales, but how does that reflect what we do with the packaging?

Customers are not only looking closer at what they put into the bodies, but what they put into the landfill. It’s more important than ever to ensure your confectionery products are packaged sustainably and leave customers feeling good about their purchase.

Minimizing waste is an essential aspect of any product design, and at Bison Bag, we provide custom solutions for maximum flexibility in your needs for sustainable confectionery packaging.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

What Are Candy Bags Made Of?

In most cases, candy bags are made of cellophane which is derived from wood, or polypropylene which is a product derived from oil.

Depending on the product and the application of the packaging, other materials like  metalized polyester may also be incorporated into the product. Most candy wrappers for individual confectionery treats, for example, may contain multilayer laminates made from polyolefins, polyester, polyamide or paper.

As consumers become more eco-conscious, however, more manufacturers are beginning to look for options that contain only a single component, as these can often be recycled, unlike mixed materials. For example, monolayer polyethylene packaging can be recycled easily, while a mixed paper and plastic material  often end up in the landfill. There are companies that recycle mixed material and this is a growing infrastructure and trend.

Take the Stress Out of Packaging with Bison Bag

Bison Bag is your top choice for food safety certified packaging. As a family owned and locally operated business, we take pride in serving our customers with dedicated customer service and a personal touch.

We don’t just provide you with packaging, but we act as a partner and consultant in your product’s lifecycle. We are here to help you design packaging that suits your product needs and showcases your brand messaging all with a price tag that leaves more for your bottom line.

It’s this kind of partnership mindset that has allowed our team to continually meet our customers’ needs as they grow and expand into different product lines. Get in touch today and see how Bison Bag can take the stress out of your packaging design and production.

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