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Spouted Pouches

In recent years, spouted pouches have gained popularity as a practical and convenient way to open and use different food products while keeping the consumer’s price tag economical.

Spouted pouches are flexible bags or pouches designed with end caps that allow the product to be poured directly from the packaging itself. Not only does this benefit shelf life, but it’s an efficient way to store, package, and transport a wide range of products from liquids, creams, sauces, pastes, and gels.

These pouches are highly efficient, providing an economical packaging solution for the manufacturer while providing a convenient and easy-storage solution for customers to rely on.

Benefits of Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches have many benefits, but most importantly they are highly visible while remaining an economical option not only for your company, but also for your customers.

Paying for the convenience of a pouch shouldn’t leave your customers spending significantly more on your product. With spouted pouches designed with the help of Bison Bag, you can pass the savings onto your customers and keep your product looking better than ever.

Best of all, spouted pouches are convenient for opening and pouring, but also eliminate most food waste, allowing customers to get 99% of all food products out of the pouch. What better incentive is there for customers to choose your product over competitors?

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Perfect-Fit Spouted Pouches

No matter what size, material, or food requirements you need to fill for your products, Bison Bag can help you every step of the way. We offer reinforced materials for minimal leakage, as well as a wide variety of branding options to maximize your product’s visibility.

Choose from side-spout or top-spout packaging designs, and anti-choke or standard caps with counter-clockwise twisting and a built-in seal. Additionally, customize your packaging based on you product needs, such as hot-fill products, microwave-safe packaging, or clear materials that allow customers to see the product inside.

Common Spouted Pouch Applications

There are a wide range of applications for spouted pouches as these products are easy and economical to design for compatibility with retort and FDA regulations. While many industries are beginning to utilize spouted pouches for more creative products, these flexible packaging options are already available on many shelves.

From alcoholic beverage mixers to baby food, yogurts, and cleaning chemicals, spouted pouches are a great way to showcase your product with easy shelf storage and positive customer experience.

Convenience of a Pouch, Shelf Life of a Can

One of the biggest benefits of spouted pouches is their ability to provide significant protection to the product inside. With a properly designed, robust packaging designed to fit the product itself, spouted pouches can not only improve your bottom line but also increase customer satisfaction. These pouches help keep your products shelf stable with excellent lining materials and unique gusseted designs.

With the convenience of a pouch – simply twist the cap open and pour – these packages offer the shelf life of aluminum-lined cans, providing the ultimate stability for maximum shelf life.

Are There Disadvantages for Spouted Pouches?

There are not many disadvantages for spouted pouches, but there are some risks with certain materials mixed with different product types. For example, only certain materials can be heated in the pouch, while other materials cannot be recycled.

For most spouted pouch packaging, the primary risk is going too thin or gusseting the package improperly, leaving the product with a risk of puncturing and tearing. With proper packaging design, however, this risk is minimized as all risks to the product’s stability and security are accounted for in the consultation and design process.

Are Spouted Pouches Recyclable?

Not all spouted pouches are recyclable, but many are through programs like Terracycle for hard to recycle plastics.

At Bison Bag, we strive to create a sustainable product that is economical and secure. We are happy to work with you to create a bag that meets all your specifications, including sustainability requirements. Our designers are food safety certified and experienced in sustainable materials, helping you determine the balance between secure packaging and recyclability.

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Common Spout Sizes

With a large selection of spout sizes and styles, you can design the package that best suits your needs. At Bison Bag, we’re here to help you design your package; we help take care of the packaging details so you can focus on what you do best.

The most common spout sizes are 8.6mm, 11mm, and 16mm. 8.6mm is perfect for fluids like juice, purees, paints, and creams. 11mm is the perfect choice for liquid laundry detergent and semi-liquid food products. 16mm, on the other hand, is great for semi-liquid food or chunky sauces and products. Larger spouts can be customized to your needs based on the material and viscosity of the product inside.

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Flexible Packaging Savings

Are you ready to experience the savings of flexible packaging with Bison Bag? We custom-tailor every packaging solution to your needs, providing you with a partnership-based relationship in your product’s lifecycle. No matter what specifications your spouted pouches need to be designed to, we’re here for you.

Get in touch today to see the difference Bison Bag can make on your products’ shelf appeal today. We’re certain that you’ll be happy to make the switch to spouted pouches.

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