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HFFS and VFFS Rollstock

At Bison Bag, this quality HFFS and VFFS rollstock is used on nearly all types of machinery because it performs consistently. These rollstocks are essential on a packaging line that focuses on low-waste products as scrap rates are consistently lower.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Packaging Films

At Bison Bag, we’ve engineered our Vertical Form, Fill, Seal (VFFS) packaging films to optimize efficiency on the production line as well as product safety, reducing waste. As your top supplier of custom-designed product rollstock, we are proud to offer such a low-waste option for production lines or product fulfillment.

You’ll receive the rollstock, which will need to be formed and securely seal the bottom, top of the pouch and along the back. This allows it to be filled with your materials along the production line.

Our films feature exceptional sealing and stiffness, ensuring your packaging performs reliably on the product line and in your consumer’s pantry alike.

Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Packaging Films

Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal (HFFS) packaging, on the other hand, is best for products that are higher end and  need features like stand-up or zipper reclosable, pouch design, but still need the convenience of the product packaging being delivered as a rollstock.

This rollstock is delivered right to you as a horizontal rollstock ready to be formed and partially sealed ahead of filling. Once filled, sealing can resume to complete the process; this packaging type is most common with wrappers for a wide variety of products including sweeteners and baking mixes. Crafted for unmatched performance, ensuring excellent machinability and consistency across the board.

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HFFS and VFFS Rollstock are versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses in a wide range of industries. Bison Bag’s expertise in flexible plastic packaging solutions and access to cutting-edge printing presses make us a leader in the industry.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its packaging goals.

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